Freelance Trucker: Insurance Fraud Edition

This game comes crashing into 2021 like it is about to collect a big insurance claim!

As we step out of a tumultuous and controversial year I think a lot of us will be looking for something to make us laugh out loud and enjoy the present, and Blue Banana Productions delivers with this game. This time you're going to be the one stickin' it to the insurance man - by walking away with all that sweet insurance dough and really making a name for yourself as a freelance trucker!

Insurance Fraud

Sure, at one point in this world trucking would have been enough, but now you can barely even pay for fuel with the lowly pay truckers get these days! it's time to take matters into your own hands and really make it as a freelance trucker by committing some good old fashioned insurance fraud. Blast through your delivery routes and wreak as much havoc as your insurance policy will cover and then walk away with alllll that insurance dough! It's genius. 

Some Questionable Delivery Routes

This is not your regular trucking simulator - you'll be blasting your way through all kinds of places, including Area 51 trying to evade a UFO tryin' to take away your delivery! Better blast through extra property to make this one worth it. 
Farmlands, mountains, down by the sea, through the desert, over icy lakes, and even the Highway to H-E-Double-Hockey-Sticks! There are plenty of different levels to check out and keep the game fresh with all kinds of different items to blow up, plow through, and destroy! 

If you look hard enough, you will even find the pages of a Legendary Insurance Policy that has no limit hidden throughout the levels. 



This is a delivery race-against-the-clock driving simulator with a huge helping of destruction. While the main goal of this game is to commit damage and insurance fraud on your deliveries, there is a lot to do and see in the levels. You will start out each level with a trailer attached to your truck, but you have the option to ditch that trailer and unlock the extra speed and jumping capabilities of a trailer-free semi truck giving the game a second level of playability. I found myself playing for hours exploring the levels and trying to collect all of the Legendary Insurance Policy pages. 

The main developer used a combination of traditional vehicle physics while combining with physics that would usually be used in a snowboarding game. It works well in this game since you end up interacting with a lot of different slopes and jumps. The extreme physics makes the gameplay pack a lot more of a punch than a tame truck driving simulator. Think a combination of Crazy Taxi and GTA style driving and you are getting close to what Freelance Trucker: Insurance Fraud Edition is like to play. You are also racing against the clock to complete deliveries, but when you are collecting the Legendary policy pages the time limit does not matter.

You can play with a keyboard, but I recommend using a gamepad as you have to manually adjust the camera throughout gameplay. Joysticks make that a much smoother process. The movement is pretty intuitive and makes the game easy to get into. 

It was also a pleasant surprised to have to use more strategy than expected. You will have to kind of watch how much damage you cause to make sure you get enough money from your insurance policies, and some of the Legendary pages are pretty challenging to get. You will also have to strategize the way you collect hidden items in the levels as you have to pay back damages if you ever re-visit old levels you have committed fraud in! It makes the game more fun in the sense that it's not a mindless smash-and-win title. It adds an element of replayability to this game. 

Game Design

The graphics in this game take somewhat of a back seat to the gameplay - the game mechanics are fun on their own and the hand-drawn 3D cartoon style of the game is hilarious in it's imperfection. I thought the comically low-def assets you crash into and the 2D particle effects were highly entertaining personally, but I did get feedback after the initial game review that players wanted to see more polish in the graphics. This game is a blast (pun intended) as is, but an upgrade on the graphics could make this game appeal to a wider demographic of players. It would be epic if the game developers could do this while still retaining the more comical design aspects - like buildings, heavy machinery and trailers falling to pieces like cardboard and the driver flying out of the truck like a rag doll when you crash. 

The level design was pretty well thought out and levels never seemed too long or too short and there were a lot of different ways you could complete routes, again adding to the replayability of the title.

Bottom Line:

This game is loads of fun, and is a quick way to put a smile on the face of so many types of gamers. It is impossible to play this game without laughing so I am going to recommend this as one of the top giftable Steam games of 2021. 

If you want to get in on the fun, go check out Freelance Trucker: Insurance Fraud Edition on steam and share your thoughts with the developers as you play!

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