Enemy on Board

is an MMO developed by Windwalk Games Corp set in deep space where you play with a group of six players on a spaceship that has been infiltrated by ????aliens????. Two of the six players are randomly assigned as the aliens in disguise as crew members looking to infect the crew and take over the ship. You have to work together through this fast-paced game of strategy and deception to either escape as part of the human crew or take over the ship with your alien accomplice.

Let the fun begin.

The game is in testing right now and it has been a lot of fun playing the alpha version. It took me a minute to get used to the gameplay because I hadn't played this kind of game before, but I quickly got drawn in to how much fun it was to play. After about fifteen or twenty minutes of playing I got the hang of it and the game got a bit addictive. I enjoyed playing the part of an alien trying to blend in while infesting the crew with pathogens and trying to kill people without getting caught, and it was also fun to play a human crew member trying to figure out who is an alien in disguise.

The developers did a great job balancing out the gameplay

Both roles - crew member and alien - are fun to play and have an equal likelihood of winning. No single player gets to be too powerful during gameplay. This was done with extensive playtesting, shortening rounds, and controlling when items, weapons, and powerups become available. You are able to speak with everyone you are playing with during a round as long as they are alive, and the devs hit that hard-to-find sweet spot of hanging out with other gamers while still remaining competitive and fast-paced. Rounds are short at around six minutes and both humans and aliens have to work together during gameplay for certain tasks which gets pretty funny. The fast paced flow and gameplay dynamic give this title incredible replayability. Also a fun game to stream. Well done!

Did I mention this game is free to play?

This free-to-play game quickly gets to be a lot of fun whether you are new or have played long enough to develop a good strategy. I played for hours and didn't get bored and I look forward to playing some more.

Fun overall design

I was impressed with the overall art direction of this game. The designers kept the style clean with a cartoon-modern sci fi feel and great color palettes that blend seamlessly with the level, UI, and item design. The ship is aesthetically pleasing with good use of textures and nicely done ambient lighting. There was a lot of attention to detail when the interior of the ship was designed and it's fun to look around and notice all the detail work. The character design is a bit more basic at the time of this article, but consistent with the design of the ship and adds to the overall sci-fi cartoon feel of the game. It'll be cool to see what new character ideas the devs come up with. The UI is minimal and intuitive and works well with the overall look of the game and gameplay style. Styling for Ratchet and Clank levels came to mind as I played this game, another one of my favorite titles.

Indie Game of the Month graphic

Great map flow.

The ship was not too large or too small and the map design made movement throughout the ship intuitive and smooth. The rooms were placed well within the ship and I didn't find myself having a terribly difficult time finding place to murder crew members without others being able to see. The players line of vision was a nice touch; the top-down view allows you to run around the ship smoothly with good visibility of the area around you, but you are unable to see around corners, shut doors, or adjacent rooms which makes gameplay much more immersive and gives each player a more strategic advantage.

Stuff I'd like to see

The only changes I would really like to see in this game as it is developed is for the controls to be mapped for different game controllers and a wider more detailed character selection. And maybe a cooler load screen. As of the time of this article the controls are optimized primarily for the keyboard and I love using my Xbox One controller for PC gaming.

The in-game character quality is a bit low res at the moment, but the selection will widen over time as the game is still under development. The creators plan on having seasonal updates on items, crew members, and types of aliens to keep content fresh. The EoB devs also plan on having user-generated content on the horizon so players can customize maps, gameplay specifics, and other game assets. I am a full supporter of games that continue to make fresh content and encourage customizability so I look forward to seeing what gets created.

Bottom Line:

This will be one to watch. I look forward to Enemy on Board growing in popularity and becoming a new favorite for gamers all over the world to stream and play with friends.

You should go check out their Discord and sign up for the alpha version while you still can!

And don't forget to wishlist the title on Steam ^_~